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About us

Why not show your doggie some love today?

From Dog Lovers For Dogs Owners
Your dog loves you unconditionally, and we know that you would like to express your love for them in a meaningful way. This is where PrimDog’s help begins: we help you express how much your dog means to you with pet care products approved by certified canine professionals.

Our Mission
We come from a place where we listen to the needs of dog owners and deliver everything they need to make their pets healthy, happy and well-trained. Our goal is to make dogs and their families live a more satisfying and worry-free life.

That’s why you should choose us
To us, pet care is not just a job. We’re in it because like you, we love dogs, and we apply our knowledge of their wants and needs to bring them all together on our website as buyable. No less importantly, we know what makes a dog owner’s life easier. Go ahead and find whatever you need!

We make it super easy to:

  • Create a pet-proof and happy home for your doggie
  • Keep your dog motivated, healthy and entertained
  • Solve challenging training problems
  • Save money on pet healthcare 
  • Make sure your furry friend lives longer

Our Products
All you can find on our website are designed by professional dog-handlers, using pet-friendly materials. From feeders that are built to care for your dog’s spine, to no-pull harnesses, to interactive toys and training items – PrimDog is the only store you will ever need.

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