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Interactive Suction Cup Dog Toy


Interactive Suction Cup Dog Toy

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Relieve your dog’s anxiety and kill boredom with the help of the interactive suction cup toy! It will keep your dog busy for hours!

The concept of the interactive suction cup toy for dogs is simple: a strong suction cup anchors the toy to the floor, wall or window and other smooth surfaces with strong suction. The attached rope and a chew toy challenges your dog to pull, bite, and play to his heart’s content with the ball. The toy is available in 3 bright colors: turquoise, red and blue. With such a catching look, it is attractive for dogs and makes them not lose it.

Moreover, it is not only a self-playing rubber ball, but also can be a teeth cleaning tool and helps keep your pet’s teeth clean. The toy is made of soft and non-toxic, durable and wear-resistant rubber material. It will keep your dog’s gums safe while he plays. Plus, this interactive toy will encourage your dog to do more runs and bites. Proper exercise will prevent your dog from being fat and keep a healthy body shape.



✔️ PROMOTES PHYSICAL ACTIVITY — It is perfect for chasing and tug-of-war game, which helps provide your dog with daily exercise. Such games can help reduce destructive behavior.

✔️ SAFE MATERIAL Made of environmentally friendly, safe and harmless material. Your dog’s oral health will be under protection.

✔️ KEEPS TEETH CLEAN — The toy can be a teeth cleaning tool. It will help keep your pet’s teeth clean and strong.

✔️ NO MORE FURNITURE RUINED With super strong suction cup which will cling to any clean, flat surface meaning your dog can pull, tug, chew as much as he wants.


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Interactive Suction Cup Dog Toy