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Quick-Drying Absorbent Dog Towel

(5 customer reviews)

Quick-Drying Absorbent Dog Towel

(5 customer reviews)

30.00 14.99

Quicker drying — happier pet

Our towel's absorbent properties will make your dog warm and cosy in no time. No more shivering from dampness after outdoor adventures or grooming sessions. It quickly removes moisture, reducing mess and your pet's discomfort.

Quality material

The towel is made of microfiber, known for its strong water absorption capacities. It also offers a soft and gentle touch on the pet's skin and fur. This guarantees a pleasant drying process for your furry friend.

Multipurpose use

The PrimDog versatile towel also serves as a mat or blanket. Your dog can relax or nap on it. It's an all-in-one solution for both drying and creating a cosy environment.


No more replacing dog towels every few months, this one is made to last.

Additional information

Weight0.0 kg

Pink, Green, Yellow


25x25cm, 60x30cm, 100x50cm, 140x70cm

5 reviews for Quick-Drying Absorbent Dog Towel

  1. S****e

    We’ve had our eye on the dog drying towels for a long time, they had good reviews and for good reason – they are great. No foreign odors at all. Recommend!!!

  2. R***n

    ll Good size, dog dries quickly so no more wet floors and couches. Thanks!!!

  3. T***s

    I’m glad I bought this for my dog. I just wrapped my dog in the towel after the beach and he hopped in the car. At the end of the trip we took the towel off and the dog was dry and so was the car. I want to buy another towel in a different color.

  4. E***y

    kk This is a good towel for dogs. Bought the large size to completely dry the dog. Very happy with it.

  5. D****l

    kk Good towel, microfiber absorbs water well, sewn perfectly. Definitely recommend!

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Quick-Drying Absorbent Dog Towel