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Vibration Dog Training Collar

(3 customer reviews)

Vibration Dog Training Collar

(3 customer reviews)

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Train your paw-tner with respect and love! Quickly and effectively teach old dogs new tricks – and new dogs old tricks!

Quickly, safely and effectively stop your canine companion’s unwanted behavior with the vibration training collar. Whether you want to correct excessive barking or aggressive leash pulling, or you just want to add security to off-leash walking, this collar helps you to control your best friend. This high quality, plastic nylon collar and lightweight receiver fits comfortably. It’s durable enough to withstand all weather conditions and activity levels. Available in several color options: black, red and orange.

With a 300-500-meters control range and 3 correction modes (Shock, Vibration, Tone), you can fully customize the desired training to meet your specific needs. With 5 adjustable levels of vibration and shock, you can fine-tune the correction level to achieve positive results with any pup. The LCD remote clearly displays the mode, level and battery life. The 3 distinct mode buttons allow you to correct your dog quickly while he’s misbehaving without having to look down at the device.



✔️ SUITABLE FOR ALL DOGS  — Durable, adjustable nylon collar fits small, medium, large dogs and puppies with the weight of 6.8 kgs (15 lbs) or larger. The collar is 3.5 cm – 68.5 cm (14 – 27 inches) long.

✔️ LCD REMOTE — Remembers previous settings and clearly displays the mode, level and battery life. Plus, the remote adopts ergonomic design. It’s very comfortable to use and easy to carry.

✔️ USER-FRIENDLY MODE BUTTONS — The distinct size and different shaped bumps on the three correction mode buttons allow “blind” use without having to look down at the device.

✔️ 5 ADJUSTABLE LEVELS You can quickly adjust the shock intensity with an easy-to-use dial. It’s ideal for reinforcing dog’s obedience indoors and outdoors.

✔️ STRONG BATTERY SYSTEM — The collar is rechargeable and conserves power when not in use. Besides, it has low battery charging indicator.

The package includes: 1 LCD remote control transmitter, 1 collar receiver, 1 nylon strap, 1 USB charger, 1 test light.


NOTE: the collar receiver is waterproof, but the remote is not!

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3 reviews for Vibration Dog Training Collar

  1. T***a

    My dog is super smart and stubborn. No matter how much we talk to her, give her snacks, or encourage her, she wants to be the boss. A super low vibration issued a few times worked! I also like that no prongs are sticking into her. She’s comfortable. Great product!

  2. W***s

    This is the best thing ever. Turned my crazy puppy into a well-behaved companion. I have already broken so many negative behaviors which have given me the chance to teach him and reward him for good behaviors as well. I also loved that it doesn’t shock and just vibrates, it seems to be plenty effective as my dog usually learns with just the beep within a few minutes. Totally worth the money and will save your sanity!

  3. K***n

    I purchased this because my older dog has lost her hearing. We realized how hard and dangerous it was to not be able to call her back to us. It took her just a couple of hours to learn that when she feels the vibration she needs to come to me. I no longer have to worry about calling her. Great device.

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Vibration Dog Training Collar